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Welcome to the website of 360° Wirtschaftscoaching

Wirtschaftscoaching – Empowering the symbiosis of man and economy

The term Wirtschaftscoaching can be translated into Organizational Coaching and comprises professional, target-oriented and sustainable further development of individuals, teams and entire organizations in professional and corporate environments. We support organizations from various economic sectors and also the military forces.

Optimized processes, smart KPI´s and viable corporate objectives & visions are important for an organization, but in the end it´s the individual staff member who is responsible for the provision of a certain performance.

We at 360° Wirtschaftscoaching support you and your organization not only with various kinds of training, coaching and project and transformation assistance. As a virtually natural and perfect completion of our portfolio we also offer state-of-the-art trainings in decoding facial microexpressions and body language for a sustainable boost in emotional intelligence: Wholeception®. Our business languages are English and German – and we also run our business activities on the international stage.

Just drop by and let us know what we can do for you!

It is not the KPI that ensures corporate success, it’s the employee.
Therefore, our credo is: “The Focus is on People“.