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Wholeception® - The decoding gaze

Casually speaking, Wholeception® is the ability to decode what has not been said. Being able to decipher body language, and facial microexpressions in particular, as apparent emotions and thoughts is a priceless advantage wherever people interact with each other striving for a certain objective, be it in video conferences or in physical meetings. In practice, this ability converts into enhanced communication efficiency, for example in everyday leadership situations, in negotiations, or in project management.

We have got a modular Wholeception® training programme for you but also offer tailored sessions, if requested. And we also offer individual coachings to optimize your facial expressions and your body language for specific purposes such as presentations, interviews, or public statements in front of a camera. Dive into a fascinating world where non-verbal signals convert into an orchestra of messages.

"It is true body language is silent, but it is revealing."
(Helmut Glaßl, German painter)